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Two new licensed Cannabis producers in Canada

9408843 Canada Inc. was approved this week in Ontario labeling and product testing and Goldleaf Pharm also in Ontario for cultivation of dried cannabis and production of oils. This brings the total number of Producers to 120. There have been forty-one LP approvals in 2018. In the past 68 weeks there have been 78 new Licensed Producer approvals. Of the 120 LPs: 38 are Cultivation & Sale, 77 are Cultivation and 5 are Sale Only. On the list of Fresh Marijuana & Oil producers, there are 35 LPs approved: 21 as Production & Sale, 11 approved for Production and 3 approved as Sale Only. In the category “Sale of Starting Materials,” 10 LPs are approved to sell starting materials: 8 approved to sell plants and 2 approved to sell seeds.

There are 40 public companies that are LPs or own an interest in one or more LPs and more are on the way.

Licensed producers by province are Ontario (63 or 53%), British Columbia (24 or 20%), Quebec (9 or 8%) Alberta (7 or 6%), Saskatchewan (4 or 3%), New Brunswick (3 or 3%), Nova Scotia (3 or 3%), Manitoba (2 or 2%) and Prince Edward Island (1 or 1%). Percent totals may not add up to 100% due to rounding.

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