• Ted Ohashi

Sunniva (CSE:SNN): A Golden Opportunity in 2019

Sunniva: A Golden Opportunity In 2019 is a new report published on Seeking Alpha last week. The article is well worth your review as it was written by Kevin Jackson. I know a bit about Kevin’s investment philosophy as we follow each other on Seeking Alpha, he is a subscriber to the Let’s Toke Business newsletter and we exchange emails on investment matters on occasion. His moniker is “Budapest” Jackson because I believe he works and lives in Hungary. By the way, his price expectation for Sunniva is $10 to $20 per share.

Here is a summary of his thinking.

  • California’s legalization of cannabis on January 1st, 2018 started off with a global bang.

  • Sunniva’s stock began trading a few days after legalization and rocketed higher as investors salivated at the prospect of an operator that could dominate the world’s two biggest cannabis markets.

  • As the euphoria of legalization dissipated and Sunniva’s roadmap took a detour, its stock price plummeted and ended 2018 near an all-time low.

  • Sunniva's facility at Cathedral City, California is expected to reap its first harvest in Q2 19.

  • We believe the pendulum will reverse course yet again in 2019 and the stock will comfortably trade in a range of $10-$20 USD by year's end.

I recommend reading this report. You may be able to access Jackson’s article by clicking (here).

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