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Potential issues with Canadian Cannabis Crop

QUESTION: Hi Ted. It has been a long time since we chatted. Just a note for you on our conditions on the ground here in Ontario from a farmer. We have mould EVERYWHERE! The outdoor crop is a tough one this year with mould taking a big chunk of dense buds. We have had few hot dry days with even fewer low humidity and an absence of wind to keep the crops dry. The wheat farmers and soybean farmers here have been decimated for harvests with many down over 50%. Any large greenhouse player is at major risk this year and I expect we will see some major crop loss, if not complete write offs in some cases. The traditional farmers are having to do it and with Health Canada even stricter on cannabis mould, I think we will see some big issues arise as the crop comes off in the next few weeks and is tested. Any company basing all their earnings on a greenhouse crop will be an extra risk for the next few weeks. Any thoughts?

From J.P. in Ontario, Canada

ANSWER: Hi J.P. Always good to hear from you. As always I appreciate your input. I now have readers in thirty-two countries around the world and many of them take the time to share their local knowledge with our readers. I recall the myclobutanil (fungicide) and bifenazate (pesticide) problems a little over a year ago involving a couple of Canada’s high profile licensed producers. Haven’t heard of any problems since then but I know Health Canada has set the bar really high and a hint of anything could result in a problem. I would hate to see a replay of that again. I will ask around in my normal conversations and let you know if I hear anything. In the meantime, readers can take note. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

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