• Ted Ohashi

No Licensed Producers among list of Canadian cannabis companies no longer traded in Germany

Earlier we reported that Clearstream Banking’s decision to no longer clear cannabis stocks effectively meant German investors would not be able to trade Canadian and American stocks in their domestic markets. We also reported that policy had been rescinded but included the statement “Further, "Clearstream Banking is currently updating the list of identified securities included in A18095."

The updated list has been published and we presume these companies will no longer be traded in Germany. The twelve Canadian companies are listed below.

There are also over three dozen U.S. cannabis stocks that fall into the same category. Here is the list of Canadian companies excluded:

  1. Affinor Growers

  2. Liberty Leaf Holdings

  3. Alliance Growers

  4. Marapharm Ventures


  6. Naturally Splendid Enterprises

  7. Crop Infrastructure

  8. New Age Farm

  9. Global Cannabis Applications

  10. Nutritional High International


  12. Rise Life Science Corp.

We believe it is significant that none of Canada’s Licensed Producers were included on the list.

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