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Khiron appoints Quesada to BOD

Khiron Life Sciences Corp. (TSXV: KHRN) has appointed former President of Mexico Mr. Vicente Fox Quesada to its board of directors, effective immediately. (read full release here)

This is an outstanding accomplishment for KHRN in our opinion. On the basis that great people attract great people, Mr. Fox will be a strategic advisor and brand ambassador for KHRN. From December 2000 to November 2006, Fox was the 55th President of Mexico and prior to that, he was Chief Executive Officer of Coca Cola Latin America. Fox presently serves on the Board of High Times, a long established reporter of daily cannabis news based in New York.

As President of Mexico, Fox worked hard to stamp out illegal cannabis and since leaving office has become what one source called, “The most important cannabis advocate in Latin America.” Mr. Fox is the Founder of Centro Fox, a non-profit foundation dedicated to serving communities in Mexico and Latin America. Through his various business and community interests, Mr. Fox has been a high profile and respected advocate for the legalization of medical cannabis throughout Latin America. He recently also joined the Board of High Times, a leading US based cannabis publication advocating legalization.

Pictured above are Mr. Vicente Fox, former President of Mexico (centre) with Andres Galofre, Co-founder and Commercial Vice President, Khiron life Sciences to his left, along with Dr. Daniel Schecter, Khiron Senior Medical Advisor, Maria Fernanda Arboleda, Khiron Medical Director, and Anna Maria Borda, Khiron Scientific Research Manager attending the CannaMexico 2018 event. Mr. Fox is not a newcomer to the effort to legalize cannabis in Mexico and the world. Here is an interview that illustrates has beliefs have been well thought out. Please remember although Mr. Fox’s comments are valid today, this interview was done in 2013. (see Vincente Fox 2013 interview here)

As previously announced, Khiron is strategically positioned to enter the Mexican market, establishing a subsidiary in the country to submit license applications, completing an in-depth regulatory review of the country's legal medical cannabis landscape as well as an assessment of market needs. Mexico comprises a population of approximately 123.5 million people, with nearly 11.7 million potential patients for medical cannabis.

With Khiron (TSXV: KHRN) backing off a bit in the current period of market malaise, we think this news is one reason to aggressively buy the stock. Of course, Mr. Fox has much to contribute to the future of KHRN. But even more important is the fact that of all the opportunities available to him in Latin America, he decided that KHRN provided the best vehicle through which to direct his energies in delivering his pro-medical cannabis message. It certainly confirms our confidence in the KHRN team and it will convince others moving ahead.

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