• Ted Ohashi

Cannabis Investors: What to know about crossing borders

As we look into the issues that can arise when crossing the border from Canada into the U.S., we have some ideas that might be of help. These are some patterns we have noted and are not meant to be advice to travellers.

  1. So far, the major problems appear to be encountered by those travelling by car. This makes sense because border security screening air travellers have more serious matters to address, namely, the safety of the aircraft and other passengers. They want to ensure you are not a terrorist. A relationship to cannabis is farther down their list of priorities for now.

  2. From the reports we have seen, U.S. customs officials are not primarily concerned with people who are “ordinary” investors in public cannabis companies. But public or private, if you own a sizeable interest in a company, say a position of influence or control, this will tweak their interest. Forewarned is forearmed.

  3. Lying to U.S. border officials is a serious offense. People have reported being pulled aside and “interviewed” for as long as five or six hours. Given the information available on the Internet, your whole life might be an open book for a border security agent with a laptop and enough time and determination. Lying is more likely to result in a travel ban than some loose association with cannabis.

We will keep you posted as we get additional information. We hope these problems will be resolved soon.

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