• Ted Ohashi

1933 Industries (CSE: TGIF) building its distribution channels

1933 Industries (CSE: TGIF) (OTCQX: TGIFF) reports that its premium Canna Hemp™ brand of wellness products are available in over 800 retail outlets in 46 U.S. states. This includes over 200 mainstream outlets that carry the Canna Hemp™ brand, which appeals to wellness-conscious consumers looking for alternative products. The custom formulated Canna Hemp™ portfolio offers over 70 high quality, agricultural hemp-based, CBD infused products with a range of specific effects.

Ms. Ester Vigil, President of TGIF commented, “We have been extremely successful at building our own distribution channels across the country, which is now one of the largest networks of CBD and a key differentiator of our Company. Our integrated approach to the market is attractive to potential third-party partners as we control cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, marketing, sales, branding and wide distribution, and later this year, CBD processing. As cannabis products become integrated into mainstream society, our strategy will continue to focus on increasing market share and national penetration of our consumer-focused, premium products designed to appeal to every household.” She added, “We attribute the growth of our sales to the fact that our products are powerful, potent and effective. Our quality is unrivalled and our customers attest to the efficacy of our products.”

  • Leafly, the world’s largest cannabis information resource, named Canna Hemp™ CBD Relief Cream “Best Topical” in its list of Best in State: The Top State Specific Products and Experiences of 2018. This cream is TGIF’s best-selling topical – a transdermal pain relief cream for fast-acting targeted relief to areas of discomfort, combating inflammation, arthritis joint pain, backaches, muscles spasms, strains, bruises, cramps, and headaches.

  • TGIF’s Canna Hemp X™ CBD sports recovery cream for athletes also won accolades. Herb, a cannabis media and commerce company, named Canna Hemp X™ “Best Topicals for Pain” in its Guide to the Best Cannabis Products on the Planet. From soothing pain, aiding with muscle spasms, healing assistance for bruises, injuries, or arthritis relief, it bridges the gap between recovery and top performance.

By now, readers know and understand that J. P. Morgan was correct when he said of the stock market, “It will fluctuate.” That’s what stock prices do – go up and down. What quality companies and managements do is continue to move forward despite what the financial markets are doing. That way, when stock prices recover as they inevitably will, the fundamentals of the business will be better than ever.

When the cannabis stocks recover, which I know they will, TGIF as a company will be bigger and better than ever and my opinion is TGIF’s share price will go higher than ever before. I believe TGIF is one of those top quality companies that has recently formalized its management group to guide its growth over the next several years. As a result, investors should buy now in anticipation of growth in TGIF’s fundamentals and management’s ability to guide future expansion.

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